OUT OF STOCK Stretch Sensor (pack of 2)


Ohmatex is partnering with LEAP Technology, Denmark to supply electroactive polymer (EAP) stretch sensors for wearable applications. The sensor combines  stretch sensing technology with an Ohmatex thin conductive textile cable. It is a high quality advanced development in stretch sensing technology.

2 sensors are supplied for evaluation and prototyping, 200mm length with 100mm stretchable zone (see details below). Further customisation is possible for higher volumes. Each sensor is tested prior to shipping and comes with its own data sheet.



Characteristics of the stretch sensors
Highly elastic allowing for strain or stretch of up to 80%.
Coated in a thin layer of silicone rubber.
Provides accurate measurements of biomechanics – motion sensing, posture, muscle volume and respiration.
Mechanically robust.
Soft, comfortable and easy to integrate.
Washable depending on characteristics of garment/application.

Applications of the sensor
Stretch sensors are extremely versatile. They can be used in wearable applications for sport and fitness, medical, gaming and lifestyle to detect motion, volume, posture and gait.


Respiration rate sensors

Textile integration
At each end of the sensor there is a layer of non-woven textile to be used for attaching the sensor to a textile or thin substrate. This can be done by sewing (recommended by hand), taping or stamping. The stretchable zone of these samples cannot easily be attached and  must be free to slide in your application. Ohmatex has developed various methods for encapsulating the sensors into fabric, depending on the garment and required position of the sensors. Based on a versatile technology these sensors can be customised to be almost any shape and size and finished in a wide variety of ways to facilitate integration.

Wireless sensor control
The sensors can be connected to most standard capacitive measuring devices or a “plug and play” unit available directly from LEAP Technology which enables the display and logging of measurements from the stretch sensors .

Stretch sensor properties

Total Sensor Length  200mm
Stretchable zone  100mm
Maximum stretch  80mm
Capacitance at rest 2.5 nF
Capacitance at full stretch  3.5 nF
Load at maximum stretch  3N
Weight including cable  6g