Ohmatex washable connector (sample pack)


Please contact Klaus at koe@ohmatex.dk for availability.

The Ohmatex connector is supplied in two parts: a male part and a female part which snap easily together to establish a stable electrical connection between the connector plates.

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Characteristics of the Ohmatex connector

  • Washable and suitable for clothing and wearable devices
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Connector can be fixed to a thin substrate with minimal physical stress to substrate
  • Built in strain relief and varying transition zones between the flexible substrates
  • All materials are known to the clothing industry

The sample pack consists of :

3 female parts – top and bottom and 3 moulded male parts
dscn7147_thumb male-part_thumb2

The female part attaches to a piece of thin conductive fabric or stretchable/foil PCBs. The male part is soldered to Ohmatex conductive ribbon.

connector-detached_crop-150x150The male and  female parts  snap easily together to establish a stable electrical connection between the connector plates. Included in the sample pack is a drawing with measurements, showing the size of opening to be cut out for the attachment of the female connector to fabric or other substrate. The connector has the potential for 6 connection points.  The ribbon in the sample pack supports 4 connections.




Customised PCBs can be fitted into the male bottom part to create general progammability in the connector.  This allows for the inclusion of  LED lights or other electronic features. The male part is then soldered to a conductive ribbon or flat cable and injection moulded.  The male parts in the sample packs are already soldered and injection moulded.



The Ohmatex connector is design protected. The design protection covers the exact dimensions and shape of both male and female parts.