4 strand conductive ribbon – OHM-R-7-4L-1 – 10m (sample)


4 strand thin conductive ribbon
The length of this sample ribbon is 10 meter; enough to evaluate the quality, electrical properties and textile behaviour. The sample may be supplied as a continuous 10m length, or in shorter lengths (min 2m) equal to 10 m.


Customer specific:

Textile material 100 % Polyester – black
Conductive material 4 x  Litzwire
Insulation on Conductive wires Polyurethane coating
Impedance (per litz-wire) 0,4 Ω/m.
Width 7, 0 mm. (+/- 1,0mm.)
Thickness 0,9 mm. (+/- 0,5mm.)
Resistance at break Minimum 490 N

Use of conductive ribbon is highly specialised. All of the conductive ribbon that Ohmatex supply for high volume are especially customised for specific applications. For each ribbon we can supply a connectivity solution whether it’s a standard connector (USB, Audio Jack, flat connector etc.) or a PCB termination. Please contact Ohmatex directly regarding technical details and opportunities for variation.