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Design, Development and Testing
Where do you need to be?
You know electronics but you don’t know textiles
You have expertise in working with PCBS, microelectronics, programming and making things work – but you have no idea how to put this into a garment in a comfortable way.

Ohmatex makes textiles conductive, creates textile inter-circuitry, encapsulates electronics for easy attachment to garments, and works with fully integrated textile-based sensors.

You know textiles but you don’t know electronics
You know fabrics, you know how to create beautiful, well fitted garments, you know how the world of textiles works – but you have no idea how to add smart features.

Ohmatex develops sensors and electronics specifically for attaching and integrating to garments and textiles. Our techniques are suited to the textile industry and fully compatible with textile production processes.

You know you have a great idea
You have a great idea for a new concept or product but have no idea what it will take to make it a reality or which technology is right for your product. You want to know more about the possibilities that smart textile technology might open up for you.

Ohmatex conducts product feasibility studies, provides technology options and researches the market potential for new products. Our knowledge and experience enables us to accurately assess new product feasibility in terms of technology and cost.

You know you are stuck and need to move forward
You have spent a considerable amount of time and effort getting your product to its current stage. But it is still not ready to leave the lab.

Ohmatex engages in advanced prototyping and small scale production. Our state of the art facilities enables the creation of the highest quality products, ready for mass production.

Our Expertise
We are electronic & biomedical engineers that specialize in embedded microelectronics and sensors that can be integrated into textiles.
We are textile experts that advice on the integration of wires and electronics into fabric including the development and manufacturing process.
We are industrial designers that can design your product, connector or encapsulation making a stylish and comfortable product.
We are software developers, writing the code to run and connect your smart textiles to a PC, tablet or smart phone.