Energy harvesting

POWERWEAVE aims to develop solar cells and batteries in the form of thin fibres for weaving into textiles.

Woven fibres that can simultaneously convert and store solar energy fulfil the need for a flexible and sturdy material that can be easily folded or rolled out, without high transport and installation costs. Applications include active solar shading in greenhouses, shading in car parks, inflatable buildings, off grid energy source for rural areas. The project was completed and is now seeking a second round of funding to further the development. Patents are now in place for both the Photovaltaic and Solar fibres designed during the project.

Project Partners
Powerweave comprised 13 partners from 7 European countries. The British research centre, TWI is coordinating the project.

Role of Ohmatex
Ohmatex has designed and developed the connections between the solar and battery fibres and the control electronics, taking into consideration the need to reproduce this process on a large scale.