Sensor platform for health or sport
The MY Wear project developed a new generation of intelligent work and sportswear for special target groups including the elderly, overweight, diabetics and people with disabilities.

One part of the project focused on developing a system for customizing shoe fitting for work wear shoes. An insole with pressure sensors was designed, to be worn during shoe fitting. Emphasis was placed on implementing a production process which would allow for mass customization directly from the factory to the customer.

In addition the project designed and developed a sensor platform to monitor health issues being faced by the target groups. The sensor platform could be used to monitor heart rate, respiration rate and fall detection. These sensors were incorporated in a T-shirt, with data transferred to the smart phone of careers or relatives.

Project Partners
BASE, Supsi, Citeve, Desma, ITIA-CNR, Longhi, P&R Textiles, Ropardo, Synesis

Role of Ohmatex
Sensor platform development; integration of respiration, heart rate, fall detection and pressure sensors into 3 garment prototypes.