Conductive textile cabling, Connectors & Sensors: all of our products are customizable to meet your needs and specifications
Our Products
For over 10 years Ohmatex has been finding new ways to integrate electronics into textile. We work with the latest technologies and provide customized solutions for every project and customer we work with.
To give you inspiration and examples of some of the solutions possible, we have a selection of samples for sale in our web shop which can be utilized in early stage prototype development or proof of concept.
We would love to assist you in finding the best solutions for integrating electronics into your smart garments or textile innovations. Please contact us to discuss your latest projects.
Textile Cabling
Textile cables are characterized by their considerable softness and strength. With the addition of connectivity to a textile ribbon, traditional textile properties such as flexibility, texture, colour fastness and washability are also preserved. Customisation enables inclusion of a fashion element with opportunities for specific colours, patterns and textures.

Textile cabling can be integrated into garments or used externally as cabling for headsets and mobile devices. Our latest application of textile cable has been for the suspension of stage lighting – transmitting power and LED control – for our client TaitTowers.

Textile cable is highly specialized and in addition to design, can vary in terms of number of wires included, inclusion of coaxial cable, fire retardancy, width of cable etc. For variation in cable we can supply a connectivity solution – a standard connector (USB, Audio Jack, flat connector etc.) or a PCB termination.

Ohmatex has developed several methods of attaching standard connectors to textile cable using macro melt materials to make them water-tight and especially well-suited for integration with textile materials. We can provide standard jack connectors to our cables (samples available for purchase on request).

We have also developed a own unique connector solution – a washable connector for smart garment integration. Furthermore, we are proud to have developed the world’s thinnest micro USB.

Stretch Sensors
Ohmatex is partnering with LEAP Technology, Denmark to supply electroactive polymer (EAP) stretch sensors for wearable applications. The sensor combines  stretch sensing technology with an Ohmatex thin conductive textile cable. It is a high quality advanced development in stretch sensing technology.