3_lengths_01smallOhmatex is partnering with Danfoss PolyPower A/S to supply PolyPower stretch sensors for wearable applications.  The sensors combine PolyPower stretch sensing technology with an Ohmatex textile cabling and connector. It is a high quality advanced development in stretch sensing technology and one of the most unobtrusive and conformable capacitive sensors currently on the market.

The combination of the stretch sensor with Ohmatex textile cabling enhances the comfort and ease with which it can be integrated into textile garments and wearable medical devices.

Textile integration of stretch sensors

Ohmatex are currently using PolyPower stretch sensors in the development of a  sensor platform for health and fitness applications, part of the FP7 MyWear project. Ohmatex has successfully integrated the stretch sensors into a shirt for monitoring respiration rate to enable self-monitoring for people with chronic lung disease.

RRate“We have worked with the PolyPower stretch sensor to come up with the best way of attaching and encapsulating it in a smart textile garment. Encapsulating the sensor within the textile has several purposes: it protects the sensor to ensure a robust smart textile garment,  enhances the comfort and design of the garment and increases washability”, says Henrik Søgarrd, MyWear Project manager for Ohmatex.

The result of this development is a garment which transmits highly accurate data to mobile and web platforms, together with reliable, washable and robust textile integration.

“We are very satisfied with the textile integration we have been able to achieve using PolyPower stretch sensors”, says Henrik . “We look forward to work together with other developers of textile integrated wearables to enable them to incorporate the stretch sensors in their own prototypes and commercial developments”.

Polypower stretch sensor sample kits are now available for purchase from our webshop.