Ohmatex connector on fabric substrate

Ohmatex connector on fabric substrate

We are pleased to launch our first fully washable connector, designed specfically to provide connectivity for smart textile products currently in development. The connector can be attached to a textile or thin conductive material.

As the industry has worked to overcome challenges with washability this is a welcome new product for smart textiles, particularly for the increasing number of consumer products now in commercial development. It also compliments Ohmatex’s range of washable textile ribbons. We look forward to supplying the connector and enhancing the washability and robustness of connection in smart garments for sports, fashion, medical and military application.

“The smart textile industry has been waiting for a solution like this”, said Ben Moir of Wearable Experiments, who are currently developing an “Alert Shirt” for gaming.

connector detached_smallThe connector consists of a male and female part (both fully washable)  which snap easily together to provide a strong electrical connection. The connector has no mechanical moving parts and can be fixed to a thin fabric or conductive material with minimal physical stress.  It has built in strain relief and varying transition zones between the flexible substrates.

The connector is now design protected and available for purchase from our webshop.