Ohmatex develops intelligent textiles. Together with 11 other partners, Ohmatex has signed a contract with the European Commission to co-develop new systems and electronics that can be distributed across large surfaces on foils or fabrics in the PLACE-it research project. Dutch giant Philips is coordinating the project.

Large prestigious project
With a total budget of 16.2 million Euro PLACE-it is amongst the larger ICT projects awarded under the EU’s 7th Framework programme. Ohmatex is a small knowledge-based company with a staff of five and an address in Denmark’s second city, Aarhus the company has earned its place in the project as one of the pioneers within development of intelligent textiles. According to director Christian Dalsgaard, cooperation with a network of companies and research institutes across Europe is an important ingredient for Ohmatex success.

– Ohmatex specialist knowledge has earned the company a place in the professional smart textiles field. Exchange of ideas, access to the most advanced knowledge and of course financing opportunities are essential for commercial innovation. That the company has won a place on the team in such a large prestigious EU project as PLACE-it is a feather in the cap of our small company, and director Christian Dalsgaard says, the project will yield results which Ohmatex can subsequently exploit commercially.

The project received €10.9 million funding from the EU; whereof €270.000 goes directly to the Danish company, which will develop the connectors for the new material.

Flexible electronics – About the PLACE-it project
PLACE-it will integrate electronics in everyday objects. The goal is for the technology to bend and stretch – not be square, stiff and fragile. The aim is to combine lighting and technical performance with elasticity, comfort and washability across large surfaces.
• PLACE-it is short for ”Platform for Large Area Conformable Electronics by InTegration”
• The project which starts now will run for the next three and a half years. EU funding amounts to €10.9 million.
• There are 12 partners in the project. Dutch electronics giant Philips is coordinating the project which has participants from Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Denmark.

The aim of PLACE-it explains Christian Dalsgaard:
– Light is important for both health and mood; it is used in treatment of skin diseases and in sensors that measure blood oxygenation. Research and development of light sources that are flexible, bendable and as soft as textiles are therefore highly relevant.
The technology can be used to save energy in entirely new lighting designs and even curtains that imitate natural daylight.
Ultimately it can be integrated into children’s clothing so that kids can be seen in winter traffic.

Contact person:
Director Christian Dalsgaard, tel. +45 86205168, mobile +45 40966951, email: chd@ohmatex.dk

Visit the Place-it website: http://www.place-it-project.eu/