PRESS RELEASE: GRASPOR expanded to the nordics through Cycle Service Nordic



Smart wearable developer Ohmatex A/S announces expanded distribution of its unique cyclist training tool, GRASPOR, throughout the Nordic countries from August 1st through a partnership with Cycle Service Nordic.

Originally developed to monitor the effectiveness of exercises to maintain muscle strength and fitness amongst astronauts on the International Space Station, the system was previously only available to Danish cyclists. GRASPOR combines two technologies, Near InfraRed Spectroscopy and Electromyography, that are well-known from clinics and sports labs in a wearable device providing insight into muscle activation and oxygenation for cyclists on the road. These two parameters give cyclists an understanding of how stress on the muscle changes over the course of a workout or race.

Jesper Vinkel, Sales Manager at GRASPOR

“Ohmatex is a specialist smart textile development company using its expertise in design and integration of microelectronics in textiles to build unique sensing platforms for wearables, amongst other things. We designed and built the GRASPOR system from scratch and master every facet and every component in it.  According to sales manager, Jesper Vinkel, the distribution agreement with Cycle Service Nordic will allow Ohmatex to continue to focus on optimising the user experience and adding new features whilst ensuring greater access to the brand and ensuring top-quality customer service.”

Headquartered in Odense, Denmark, Cycle Service Nordic is the largest provider of high-quality bicycle parts and accessories and offers a one-stop shopping solution with exceptional service for bicycle shops across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Mads Hedegaard Dellgren, Brand Manager at Cycle Service Nordic:
“With GRASPOR in our portfolio, we now have an exceptional product aimed at cyclists who focus on their training and want to take it to a higher level. Simple to use, with live scientific data and produced by a strong local company, Ohmatex, it is a new partnership we are very excited to share with our customers”


About Ohmatex A/S

Since 2004 Ohmatex has designed and built innovative smart textile solutions that collect physiological data to help users make informed choices about their training and health. Our motto “know more, do better”, sums up our belief that everyone should have access to their own personal scientific data to help them unlock and realise their full potential. The partnership with Cycle Service Nordic is a natural step in increasing access to the GRASPOR brand.

About Cycle service Nordic

Cycle Service Nordic has local facilities and sales representatives across the entire Nordic region, in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Their established position on the European Cycling market enables them to offer a variety of products from well-established brands to new and innovative manufacturers and products like GRASPOR. Cycle Service Nordic aims to be the preferred supplier for all Nordic cycling shops and offer exceptional service and #OneStopShopping solution to aid bike shops in achieving success.

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