Ohmatex has been awarded a large space contract with The European Space Agency (ESA) together with two other Danish partners. The physiological part of the research behind the clothing is led by the  Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Danish Aerospace Company A/S, who is an experienced provider of space exercise equipment, will be responsible for the safety and space-qualification of the electronics. 

Under the project name GAIN (Garments for Advanced Insights), ESA has signed a contract for 1.04 million EUR. The project focus is the development of training tights with integrated sensors and wearable computing that can help astronauts to train effectively. The training tights are scheduled to fly to the International Space Station around 2021.

More information in the joint press release:







Portugal and Asia is calling

Next week Ohmatex CTO Christian Dalsgaard speaks at the ITechStyle Summit 2018 in Porto, where he will be presenting our work for ESA and what it takes to bring smart textiles to the International Space Station ISS. Bringing a product to ISS is a complicated process with several steps. Ohmatex is currently in the final phase of documenting the scientific value by testing the equipment in weightlessness.

Recently, Christian Dalsgaard also visited Porto as part of the 6th EURATEX Convention in October 2017. European Apparel and Textile Confederation (EURATEX) asked Ohmatex to share our experience in bringing innovation to the market through a panel discussion dealing with “Industrial competitiveness in the innovation and technology paradigm”. Around 300 participants attended the convention which included EURATEX members from all over EU representing T&C Industries, local companies, etc.

When Christian Dalsgaard has delivered his inspirational speech on “Bringing smart textiles to space” in Porto next weeks, he continues his travels. First stop is Seoul (Korea) and next up is Singapore catching up on projects and prospects in Asia. All in all, a busy week in the true spirit of Ohmatex to continuously innovate in the cross field of electronics and textiles.

CTO Christian Dalsgaard (far left) at the 6th EURATEX convention

Challenge-seeking mechanical engineer or industrial designer with a creative spark

New job opening for a mechanical engineer or industrial designer with a keen curiosity of technology in general, a preference for team work and an engaging work environment. The wearable technology market is growing fast and Ohmatex is a leading expert in the integration of microelectronics in textiles. Now you have the possibility to join our highly-skilled and passonate interdisciplinary team of engineers. Get the opportunity to work at the technology frontier in the cross field between textiles, electronics and the human body to develop wearables for astronauts, athletes and medical patients.

Find more information about the position here: Mechanical Engineer/Industrial Designer We are really looking forward to hearing from potential candidates, and closing date to apply for the position is August 21, 2017.

HIRED Internship Fall 2017

We are looking for interns to join Ohmatex for the fall 2017 semester. The market for wearable technology is growing and Ohmatex is a pioneer in the field of intelligent textiles. As an intern with us you will gain experience in an exciting niche market and the possibility to develop and work with the newest technology.

For more information click on the link depending on your line of study (information is in Danish):

Electronic engineering

Health care technology engineering


PDag 2017_6





Electronic Engineer with project management experience

We are looking for an Electronic Engineer with project management experience to join the Ohmatex team in creating products which integrate electronics and textiles for astronauts, athletes and medical patients.

You will be a part of an interdisciplinary team of specialist and quickly learn how to adapt your skills to this exciting new area of technology and product development.

For more information please download the job ad.

Deadline for submission of applications is August 15 2016.

Software Engineer – next generation of smart wearables

We are looking for a Software Engineer who can develop embedded software and create user interfaces on PC and mobile platforms, working at the forefront of new technologies for astronauts, athletes and medical patients.

You will work with a team of specialists in smart wearables at Ohmatex, and will quickly learn how to adapt your skills to this exciting new area of technology.

For more information please download our job advert.

Applications should be submitted by 19 April 2016.