World’s thinnest micro USB cable now available for sale

This unique new design will change your perception of a cable. It’s soft, tangle free and you will love it like your favorite jeans.  Don’t think USB cable…….think e-fashion.

What makes our textile USB 2.0 cable so unlike anything else?

Ohmatex textile Micro USB CableGrace. The objects we choose to surround ourselves with are an expression of our distinct style. Ohmatex has created the most sophisticated connection between devices the world has ever seen. It is soft, thin and smart. The design is uniquely Danish and it oozing Nordic minimalism. It consists of two connectors and a smooth textile cable that encapsulates all the necessary electronic
components for data and power transferrals. The level of elegance is simply unparalleled.

Simplicity. Do you like to get dirty? Don’t despair. Your gadget-life will be simpler thanks to the washable connectors – and the tangle free textile. The product is in sync with a twenty-first-century lifestyle full of adventure, challenges and progress. Make a bold signal to your surroundings with a highly advanced product like this. Because plastic is out, and garments are in.

Ohmatex thinnest textile micro USB cableCreativity. This Ohmatex technology is used by space explorers. It is a revolutionary way of creating durable, yet fine textiles that contain microelectronics. In space, astronauts have a set of absolute requirements for the products they bring: they have to be small, lightweight – and they have to work every time. These requirements define our user experience: aesthetic, convenient and reliable.
The product is compatible with all micro USB-enabled devices – for simple charging, syncing and data transfers. Upgrade your charger. Upgrade your gadget collection. Upgrade you.

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