6 Million Euro Fibrous Matrix

Danish SME Ohmatex is taking part in an exciting new fibre based solar cell and power storage project funded by the EU’s 7th Framework programme.

The Powerweave project started in August 2012.This unique team features the original inventor of dye sensitized solar cells Prof. Michael Grätzel, a team of well respected printed battery researchers from Brunel University and a remarkable consortium of industrial partners.

Fascination of fibres for new applications
Powerweave is a 6 million Euro EU funded project providing a wide range of new application and design opportunities for the world of intelligent textiles. Moving on from the current state of the art glass cell or film based PV materials and batteries, Powerweave aims to develop fibres to harvest and store electrical energy.

Weaving the fibres into fabrics fulfils a need for a deformable, storable and transportable power supply; applications include agricultural shading for greenhouses, car park coverage, sun blinds, aero space fabrics, and outdoor goods etc.

Several years of research ahead
The Powerweave project will trigger a new era of development for renewable energy, benefiting from reduced weight, unobtrusive appearance, flexibility and conformability. This new development however is expected to require several years of research before full commercial exploitation. Powerweave converts normally shielded areas back into sustainable energy resorts.

Strong European consortium
Powerweave will run for the next three and a half years with 13 partners from 7 European countries participating. The UK based research and technology organisation TWI is coordinating the project. Ohmatex’s role is to design and develop the interconnects for PV and battery fibre to power external devices.

The consortium is composed of: TWI Limited, EPFL, Centexbel, Brunel University London, CeNTI, Ohmatex, Bonar Technical Fabrics, VDSWeaving, Lindstrand Technologies, Sefar, Cetemmsa, Cyanine Technologies, PPC – Peerless Plastic Coatings.

Contact person:
Director Christian Dalsgaard
tel. +45 86205168
mobile +45 40966951
email: chd@ohmatex.dk