Bridging electronics and textiles

Electronics are getting smaller and smaller and the possibilities for including them in textiles are numerous.

Turning garments into devices

There are a range of skills necessary to create the new generation of smart wearable devices. At Ohmatex we have 10 years of experience in developing the skills required to provide a fully comprehensive solution to the development of smart garment devices. You can engage us at any stage of your product development.

Beyond smart garment devices

There are so many more possibilities – we are frequently contacted by companies working outside of the smart garment space: lighting, staging, energy harvesting, automotive, military.



Over the course of the next four years, Ohmatex will take part in the H2020 BIOMAC project which aims to develop a range of nano structured bio-based materials as a means to expand and grow the European circular economy and resolve problems linked to end-of-life and disposal of technological products. Ohmatex will lead Task 3.6 in the project which addresses development of biobased materials for printed electronics and will demonstrate their application in a smart wearable for physiological monitoring.


Sensor development
and integration

Ohmatex develops physiological and environmental sensors for inclusion in medical devices, sportswear, and protective clothing.   We work with textile pressures sensors, physiological sensors (respiration, heart rate, fall detectors, EMG, NIRS), capacitance sensors and heat detection sensors.

We develop, test and validate sensors, working with medical experts, physiologists and the European Space Agency to test, trial and validate our products.


We have incorporated our EMG and NIRS technology in a wearable device and sleeve combination, to help athletes improve their performance.

Encapsulating electronics into modules for easy attachment or integration to fabric.

We work with the latest in microelectronics to develop sensor platforms which combine batteries, PCBs and bluetooth modules in single chargeable units to control and power sensors. We use moulding and 3D printing techniques to produce washable solutions, for attachment to the garment, or we can design detachable units which can be included in the garment, but removed for washing.


We helped Palarum to realise their project of creating a wearable textile that could alert nursing staff if voulnerable patients were to leave their beds. 

in textile

Ohmatex has introduced conductivity into textile ribbon to provide an alternative to standard wiring, which is comfortable, robust and washable. In addition we work with an extensive network of suppliers of conductive threads and fabrics, printed and stretchable electronics, conductive glues and inks, which gives experience in a wide range of techniques and technologies.


We worked with Precure to create a wearable device that could help identify the strain of repetitive motion on the body. EMG technology is imbedded in the wearable sleeve, through conductive textile sensors. 


We provide a number of solutions for connecting electronics within textiles. These include a washable connector designed specifically for use with textile, standard jack connectors, USB connectors, and customized connector solutions.

Bringing your idea to reality

Where are you now?

You know electronics but you don’t know textile

You know how to develop sensors, programme, make things work – but you have no idea how to put it into textile in a way that anyone could wear.

You know textiles but you don’t know electronics

You know how to work with garments, choose the right fabrics and make things beautiful, but you have no idea how to add smart features

You know you have a great idea

You are convinced you have a great idea or a problem that you want to solve – but you don’t know which technology you need to use to make it happen.

You don’t know how to bring it all together

You have developed a product, it works, it looks quite good, but you don’t know how to get to the level where it is ready to leave the lab.