Textile headset cable – OHM-R-4L-Coax – 10m (sample)


7 mm textile cable with electrical breakouts:
4 conductive Litz wires and one coaxial cable

This sample pack contains 8 pieces of textile headset cable (1300m lengths) with electrical breakouts (30mm) in the cable for the attachment of control electronics. Ohmatex can also provide a connector solution if required (e.g. Jack connectors).


Customer specific:

Textile material1 100% polyester – spun dyed black
Conductive material 4 copper litz wires; 1 shielded coaxial wire
Insulation on litz wires Polyurethane coating
Impedance Coaxial: Inner – 1.14 Ohm/m. Outer 0.65 Ohm/m
Litz wires: 0.4 Ohm/m.
Width 7, 0 mm. (+/- 1,0mm.)
Thickness 1.0 mm. (+/- 0,5mm.)
Resistance at break Minimum 400N

Use of conductive ribbon is highly specialised. All of the conductive ribbon that Ohmatex supply for high volume are especially customised for specific applications. For each ribbon we can supply a connectivity solution, a standard connector (USB, Audio Jack, flat connector etc.) or a PCB termination. Please contact Ohmatex directly regarding technical details and opportunities for variation.