Design, Development and Testing

Where do you need to be?

Create your product

We can design and develop your product for you – sensor development, electronics, garment integration, testing and validation, prototypes.

Fast track your R&D

Whatever the gaps in your own knowledge are we can help to find solutions and engage with the technologies you need to advance your product development. We can develop part or all of the solution for you.

Validate your idea

We can advise on the selection of technologies and techniques you need to make your idea a reality. We can explore concept and design possibilities.

Our Expertise


We are electronic & biomedical engineers that specialize in embedded microelectronics and sensors that can be integrated into textiles.


We are textile experts that advice on the integration of wires and electronics into fabric including the development and manufacturing process.


We are industrial designers that can design your product, connector or encapsulation making a stylish and comfortable product.


We are software developers, writing the code to run and connect your smart textiles to a PC, tablet or smart phone.